Teen Contests Welcome to the Teen Contests page! Every year, the Northville Library challenges local teens to make art based on different themes for prizes and glory.
You can find out about current contests below, or admire the art from previous contests’ winners.

Teen Tales of TikTerror Contest

Starting in October, Create a short horror video through TikTok and submit it to the Library for our Halloween virtual film fest!


  1. Each entry should be horror-themed in some way and last no more than three minutes (meaning no multi-part submissions).
  2. Entries must not contain any inappropriate or R-rated content. If you are unsure of whether or not something qualifies as inappropriate, reach out to nmolnar@northvillelibrary.org to ask.
  3. Each entry should uploaded to your individual TikTok account and tagged with #NDLToT.

Entries will be accepted starting 10:00 AM Friday, October 1st up through 5:00 PM Saturday, October 30th. To enter, upload your entry to TikTok and tag it as outlined above. Then, email the TikTok link, the title of your entry, and your full name to nmolnar@northvillelibrary.org. Entries will be shared through library social media and screened virtually on Halloween Day. Winners will be announced at the end of the screening.

The top three videos will be awarded Amazon Gift Cards! 1st place will receive $50, second will receive $25, and third will receive $15.

1st Place - Carmel by Jennie Wei
2nd Place - Deja by Julia Wei
3rd Place - Loving Lucy by Tanmay Kundapur
Most Creative:
Bizarre Brownie by Hayden Rosenau
Most Touching:
Bringing Change to a Cat's Life by Ishaan Kundapur

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