Home Delivery Services

images of 2 volunteers with bags of books for Homebound Services delivery

Home Delivery Services

The library’s Home Delivery Services program offers free delivery of library materials to residents of Northville who are physically unable to come into the library.  Patrons are visited by a library volunteer approximately every 4-5 weeks at their residence for delivery and pickup of books.  Both regular and large print titles are available.

Who is eligible?
Patrons who are physically unable to travel to the library due to a permanent or temporary (3 month minimum) handicap or long-term illness. Patrons who have difficulty traveling in the winter season are also eligible for this service.

How do I select titles?
You can request specific titles, or speak with a Librarian, who will be happy to discuss your reading interests with you and select titles based on your preferences.

How do I register?
Requests for this service can be made over the telephone or in person.

More questions?
Call Vicki Dixon at 248-349-3020 ext.220 and ask for information on the library’s Home Delivery Services program or send an email request for Homebound Services.