Battle of the Books Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do team members have to read all seven books?
The goal is to read all seven books among the team members; but each individual is not required to read all seven. How many books each member reads will depend upon the member’s reading speed, reading level, and interest in the books. Teams will perform better if each book has been read by at least two team members.

2.  Can my team compete even if they have not read all seven books?
Yes.  Teams can compete even if they have only read some of the books.

3.  How many times should my team meet?
Teams can meet as frequently as they are able and want to meet; however, we recommend teams meet at least three times prior to the competition.

4.  What kinds of questions will be asked at the Battle?

Each question will include two parts: a question from the book (worth four points) and the author’s name (worth one point.) Author’s name MUST be spelled correctly to earn the point. Prizes awarded for teams with top three point totals.

Information in any introduction, dedication, chapter heading, foreword, preface, afterword and author note will all be fair game and could possibly be included in the questions for that book.

Sample questions from past battles:

Q1. In the book, No More Dead Dogs, someone is sabotaging the school play.  What are the words that are spray painted on the scenery the first week of rehearsal?

A1. Old Shep, Dead Mutt      Author: Gordon Korman

Q2. In the book Wild Man Island, when Andy washes up on the island, he follows a trail into the forest to find a place to get warm.  He sees a red, jelly-like blob on the trail.  What was it?

A2. Bear scat or bear droppings      Author:  Will Hobbs

Q3. In the book The Lightning Thief, Annabeth, daughter of Athena, accompanies Percy and Grover on Percy’s quest.  Once she discovers which god is Percy’s father, Annabeth teases Percy by calling him a nickname.  What is the nickname?

A3. Seaweed Brain      Author:  Rick Riordan

5.  Where can my team meet?
There are two group study rooms on the lower level of the library that are available on a first come, first serve basis. These rooms are available anytime the library is open and seat six people.

The library’s main meeting room(s) can be reserved up to four times per team if the rooms are available. You can reserve these rooms via online registration, calling the library, or in person at the Information Desk on the upper level. The team name must be included on the meeting room form.

6.  Does the manager have any responsibilities the night of the Battle competition?
Managers must be present or have a designated adult present. The team manager or single designated adult will check-in the team. The manager will then become an audience member.

7.  What about costumes?
Teams are not required to wear costumes but are welcome to do so.. Send in a photo of your team in costume the week before BOTB to be featured by the library and have a chance to win prizes. Please ensure that no book titles, quotations, or authors’ names appear anywhere on the costumes. We allow hats and props, but might request their removal during the question competition.

8.  What are my responsibilities as team manager?

  • Ensure team registration form is filled out completely and turned in by January 29.
  • Please remind your team members and their parents of our photo/video disclaimer.
  • Notify library of any team name or member changes or corrections by February 11.
  • Notify library if team decides not to participate in Battle of the Books.

Photos and videos that appear on the Library’s website and promotional materials may be gathered from public programs and events. Attendance at the Battle of the Books constitutes consent to be photographed for use in print and/or electronic publicity for the Library. If you DO NOT want us to use a photo or video of your child, please inform one of the library staff members coordinating Battle of the Books.