Meeting Rooms

Meeting Room Bookings Form PRINT

Meeting Room Descriptions

  • Full Carlo Meeting Room: Maximum 75 people (Room A max 25; Room B max 50)
  • Friends Community Room (on lower level): Maximum 20 people.

Room Information

  • Rooms must be reserved by a Library District resident, group or business.
  • Groups or individuals may reserve a room up to six times per year.
  • You are responsible for room set up and clean up.
  • Rooms can be booked 6 months in advance.
  • For-profit entities will be charged a fee (see fee schedule below). Payment can be cash, check or credit card.


  • Tables and chairs available in all rooms. Other equipment such as DVD players, microphone, etc. must be reserved at the time a Meeting Room Booking Form is completed.
  • Room Hookups: Carlo Meeting Room: VGA, HDMI, Apple TV Mirror, Audio Controls on Wall, DVD/BluRay player in podium(s), Source Selectable via switch in podium(s).
    Friends Community Room: HDMI or Apple TV Mirror, Audio controls via remote control for TV, DVD/BluRay player, Source Selectable via remote control and switch.
    Both Rooms: Projection Equipment requires remote from staff to use.

How To Book A Room

  • Book online or fill out a Meeting Room Booking form.
  • Requests are checked Monday through Friday ONLY. If you submit a request on a weekend, don't assume you automatically have the room reserved; availability is checked Monday morning.
  • Contact the Library with any questions. 248-349-3020, ext. 215.

Meeting Room Policy

Room Fees (For-Profits Groups or Businesses)

  • Full Carlo Meeting Room: Full Day: $150.00    Up to 4 Hours:  $75.00
  • Friends Community Room: Full Day: $50.00   Up to 4 Hours: $25.00