Borrowing Periods & Fines

Books, CDs, Audiobooks: 21 days
Lucky Day Books, Movies, Magazines: 7 days
Hot Pics: 3 days

  • Youth Holiday Books, Hot Pics, Hotspots, DVD, Lucky Day, Telescopes and WebCams may not be renewed. All other items without holds may be renewed up to 2 times.
  • Returning borrowed materials to the library no matter how long you've had them benefits you and benefits the library!
  • Our maximum overdue fines are much less than the cost to replace an item.
Material Type Loan Period Fine/Fee Limit Maximum Fine
Book21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Magazine7 Days.20/DayNONE2.00
Lucky Day Book7 Days1.00/Day210.00
Book Club Kits42 Days1.00/Day215.00
DVD-Hot Pics3 Days1.00/Day210.00
DVD-Entertainment7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
DVD- TV Series7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
Blu-Ray7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
Audio Book21 Days.20/Day105.00
DVD - Non-Fiction7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
DVD - College Course21 Days1.00/Day510.00
CD (Music)21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Language Kit21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Book21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Graphic Novel21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Magazines7 Days.20/DayNONE2.00
DVD - Anime7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
Video Games7 Days1.00/Day2 (NDL Card Holders Only; NO HOLDS)10.00
Audio Book21 Days.20/Day55.00
CD - Music21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Book21 Days.20/DaysNONE5.00
Dyslexic Collection21 Days1.00/Day35.00
Holiday Book7 Days.20/Day55.00
Magazine7 Days.20/DayNONE2.00
Blue-Ray7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
DS Games7 Days1.00/Day2 Residents only10.00
DVD7 Days1.00/Day1010.00
Audio Book21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
CD - MUSIC21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
Stem Kit7 Days1.00/Day110.00
Media Kit21 Days.20/DayNONE5.00
J Playaways21 Days.20/Day55.00
J Read Along21 Days1.00/Day310.00
Hotspots14 Days2.00/Day175.00
Northville HD webcam14 Days2.00/Day150.00
Telescopes7 Days5.00/Day170.00