Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees meets monthly, typically on the fourth Thursday, at 7 PM. Meeting times and agendas are posted in the library. The public is always welcome to attend.

2023 Trustees of the Northville District Library

Nicholas Vlisides, Chair (Term ends 12/31/2024)
Robert Sochacki,
Vice-Chair (Term ends 12/31/2024)
Thomas Thompson, Secretary (Term ends 12/31/2026)
Deborah Stanifer, Treasurer (Term ends 12/31/2026)
Joe Corriveau, Trustee (Term ends 12/31/2024)
Carol Doyle, Trustee (Term ends 12/31/2026)
Alan Somershoe, Trustee (Term ends 12/31/2026)

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Northville District Library Board of Directors
Front row (l - r): Nicholas Vlisides, Robert Sochacki, Deborah Stanifer, Carol Doyle
Back row (l-r): Thomas Thompson, Alan Somershoe, Joe Corriveau