2022 Local Author Fair

Browse a selection of locally written books available from authors writing for a variety of audiences and in a variety of genres.

Rhonda Accardo The Acorn & The Oak Youth/Picture Book Fiction
Edward Sarkis Balian, Ph.D Turn the Page: the Bob Seger Story Adult Non-Fiction (Biography)
Lois Clark Short Story Whimsies Young Adult/Tween Fiction
Russell Lee Doré Motor City Drama Young Adult/Adult Fiction (historical)
Lori Klisman Ellis Ryan's Magical Shoes Youth Picture Book
Jeffrey Fidge Everyone Picks Jake Youth/Tween Picture Book
Ellen Gelerman The Book of Hannah Adult Fiction
Kristin Hammoud What is Wrong With Me? Young Adult/Adult Fiction
Ariana Kabodian Forget Me Not: Armenian Genocide Recollections Adult Non-fiction (history)
Robert Kass To Save the Nation Young Adult/Adult Fiction (political/legal thriller)
A. Kidd The Healing Star Tween/Youth Fiction
Benjamin Kwakye Innocence of Photographs Young Adult/Adult Poetry
Donald Levin Savage City Adult Fiction (historical/detective)
Debra Madonna A Stroke Young Adult/Adult Non-fiction (memoir)
Jennifer McCallum Shelter in Home Young Adult/Adult Non-fiction (photography/pets)
Ian Tadashi Moore Where All the Little Things Live Tween/ Youth Fiction
Dani Resh Compass to Vinland Tween/ Young Adult Fiction (fantasy)
Nicole Saez The Best Four Years Young Adult/Adult Fiction
Preethi Saravanakumar Scribblings of My Soul Young Adult/Adult Poetry
Carl J. Sarnacki, M.D. Keep Loving, Keep Living,  No Quitting Adult Non-fiction (memoir)
Cindy Williams Schrauben This Could Be You Tween/Youth Picture Book
Gina Stevens A Tree Could Be Tween/Youth Picture Book
Samar Wade Lenten Cookbook Young Adult/Adult Non-fiction (cookbook)
Claire Winn City of Shattered Light Young Adult/Adult Fiction (sci-fi)
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