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HIDDEN GEMS: The Babadook

The BabadookPosted by Dorie Freebury,

Do you relish intelligent, well-crafted psychological horror films? Then don’t miss The Babadook, a provocative Australian film about a disturbing picture book that unleashes a sinister entity on the lives of a weary, widowed single-mother and her troubled young son.

This is by no means a typical formulaic gore-fest scary movie! The Babadook is actually a clever metaphor, manifesting the devastating emotional effects of personal tragedy, and the ultimate choices we make in the face of catastrophic misfortune to either allow grief, anger, and resentment to destroy us, or to rage against it and embrace life. As the Mister Babadook picture book states, “You can’t get rid of the Babadook.” But, you can learn to live peaceably with it. The Babadook will leave you thinking about the nuances of this film long after the credits roll.

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